We map sub-surface archaeology in response to planning requirements or to heritage management goals.

Since our formation in 1999, Substrata has specialised in providing archaeological geophysical surveying services to architects, engineering and construction companies, commercial archaeological organisations, government bodies, trusts and individuals.

We specialise in magnetometer and earth resistance surveys. We also provide other archaeology-specific geophysical surveys such as ground penetrating radar and conductivity surveys. The particular method or combination of methods used depends on local soil conditions and the survey requirements. These methods are capable of delivering fast and accurate assessments of the archaeology of both large and small sites.

We now offer aerial survey services: aerial photography and 3D landscape/structural modelling. Contact us for more information.

Most of our work is undertaken in support of commercial planning applications and is confidential at the time reports are produced. The same is true for most of our research work as it takes time to bring the whole project of which we are a part to fruition. Be they commercially confidential or research orientated, our reports will, in reasonable time, become accessible to all as part of the Historical Environment Record (HER) maintained by the relevant county Historical Environment Service. Images of results from research and non-commercial surveys can be found here. Please contact us if you would like further information about our non-confidential surveys. Our deliverables are typically a PDF report, a GIS and/or AutoCAD based georeferenced interpretation and a cloud-stored archive.

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